Asset Management Consultancy

  • We help to set up your asset management
  • Generating sufficient returns in the long run is our goal

Asset Management Areas of Expertise

Specialised in Global Listed Equity but with a wider reach

European Equity

Based on some decades of experience with a strong track record

ASEAN Equity

Many years of investment experience in Singapore and neighbouring countries

Private Equity

In cooperation with global partners

Real Estate

Core investment strategy around real estate investment trusts and direct investments

Max. number of shareholders
Minimum Investment
Company Assets
Targeted long term performance

Our Team

Many decades of experience come together in a dynamic team

Carsten Heinsson

Managing Director

Senior Fundsmanager for many years

Michelle Wong

Corporate Secretary

Reliable secretarial services provider

Antonio C. Smurf

Local Director

Senior businessman for many years

Milla Vitch


Securities analyst

You are a student, want to be an intern with us?

Unfortunately we’re still in the start up modus and not hiring yet

Asset Management

Investing in equities means long term value creation

Why work with us

What we do differently::

Experienced Investors

We are invested in the global equity markets ourselves and align the interest of our stakeholders

Hiring expertise from veterans

We can help you to set up and run your own asset management operation

Full transparency

You can see our portfolio online or subscribe to our newsletter and get a quarterly update on all the interesting topics to watch out for

What Our Investors Say

Of course they say good things about us (these comments and the persons are fictional – but one day someone will say just that)

Great team to work with. We are very happy with you guys. Keep on the excellent work.
Emily Rotten
Insurance Company
I made so much money with their stock. Wish I had invested a long time ago. Love to see my investments grow over time.
Mike Devos
Wealth Manager
Happy to invest in a portfolio like Alpha ProInvest. It paid out over time and in the long run I'm able to protect my wealth and get more than the inflation adjustment.
Dominic Jenskin
Pension Fundsmanager

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